Amazing Korean Tours: Going Beyond Ceramics

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When first light begins to cast long shadows across the peaceful mountains of Korea and a single crane soars past the willowy bamboo lining a mountain stream, you know instantly why this beautiful land was once called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.
Morning Earth Korea wants to help you capture that moment and more in this serene yet amazing land called Korea.

Lotus Dragon

The Lotus Lantern Festival

But Korea is also a vibrant culture alive with energy as you see in this Lotus Lantern Festival image. It is this Korean spirit that has advanced Korea so quickly over the last 50 years to become an important player in the world’s economy.
Morning Earth Korea has designed exceptional and personal arts and culture tours to Korea. Now we are expanding our efforts to help you, whatever your interests, make important contacts in Korea. You know what they are. Let us help.
Our cultural tours have taken our guests to the studios of outstanding artists who’s classic and contemporary insights enlighten us and help forge the path for their art. In addition, we try to schedule those tours so that our tour participants can witness one or more of Korea’s excellent festivals and take you to Korea’s culturally enriching places as well. Our goal is for each Morning Earth Korea tour participant to touch the heart of Korea’s wonderful, vibrant and spiritual culture through Korea’s arts and cultural activities.
Our purpose for designing and providing these tours was not for great financial gain. Rather, it is to introduce you to the Korea we found in our many travels there and have come to love. During our more than forty years of cultural research and traveling to Korea for more than thirty years we focused primarily on Korean ceramics. Over he years our research has embraced other arts. Now we have broadened that approach to include many aspects of Korea’s rich culture. That is why professional travel agents have said that our tours are exceptional. One Korean travel agent even called our tours, “. . . perhaps the most culturally rich tours available to Korea.” We hope to reach that goal and to be exceptional in quality and reasonable in price.
There is a debate among those who travel to Korea as to which time is best to be there. Should you be in Korea in the springtime when blossoms are in bloom and tea is being processed in the southern mountains or should you be in Korea when the autumn leaves are in all their full glory and you can find softly billowing whiffs of smoke from the wood kilns nestled throughout the mountains.
Whatever time you decide to be there, you will find Korea an amazing country to visit. It is rich in culture, strong in character, deep in its spirituality, incredible in the quality of its artists and ready to welcome you. Contact us to learn how you can develop your personal tour to Korea or join a group on a special adventure.

Important Note for Businesses:
Recently we made the final connections with experienced business leaders in Korea who stand ready to help you do business in Korea. I know this is an odd place to announce this but If you find this announcement here, I know you are interested in Korea. Whatever your purpose for traveling to Korea with a group, as an individual or business team we now have in place the network that can help you make the connections you need to make the connections you need and visit the places that interest you most.   Contact us.

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