Jeon, Seong Keun

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Jeon, Seong KeunThis year, the year of the sheep, goat or ram, arrived with great sorrow for the ceramic world.   The internationally renowned ceramic artist Muto (撫 土) Jeon, Seong Keun (56) passed away after losing his fight with renal cancer, February 19, 2015.double walled open vessel

Seong Keun was known for his double walled open vessels and his ability to carve animals, flowers, fish and birds as well as hangul (Korean writing) without prior drawing.hangul open vesselopen vessel with tortoiseopen vessel with flowers

Over the years of visiting with him and his wife Tommy, both with the Korean Ceramic Tours we host and privately, we have grown quite close.  I spoke with his wife Tommy and their son just the day before he passed.  More than an exceptional artist Jeon, Seong Keun was a very kind and gracious man.  Three of our tours guests returned to study with him at essentially no charge.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

This post is the beginning of the blog I am creating as a tribute to Jeon, Seong Keun and his family.

Watch this French vessel freshly carved

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